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An IDC study in December 2008 interviewed 1.100 IT-Manager worldwide and presented their results in a publicly available study. Read the result of that study : 
Why trainings and/or certifications ? 

        * Improved skill level of the deployment team.
By engaging in training, deployment teams were able to improve their overall skill level.
Improved skill levels led to improved deployment success as measured by a reduction in time to deploy and reduction in budget overruns

      * Reduction in time to deploy.
With training, organizations were able to complete the deployment on average 15% faster than they would have without training and therefore realize both cost savings from improved system availability and lower costs of system support.

      * Reduction in budget overruns.
Customers were able to improve upon their average deployment project success rate and reduce project budget overruns after engaging in training. 
Trainings and the Return of investment
The ROI of technical training is 60% with a break-even point (payback period) of within 12 months.
The more complex the deployment (i.e. the server usage type, the percentage of migrations from older operating systems), the higher the return to the organization on its investment.
Similarly, the higher the cost of the downtime, the higher the return to the organization of its investment in training.

Certification and Performance 
*      Organizations with 40-55% of their team members certified performed above the average of all organizations  
*      High-performing data and backup recovery teams spend 21% less time "fixing" problems
*      Certified employees stays 18% longer in the company then other  
*      75% of IT Managers believe that certifications are important to team performance  
*      High-performing teams that focus on high-availability solutions spend 10% less time "fixing" problems  
*      66% of IT Managers believe that certifications improve the level of service  
*      High-performing archiving and retrieval teams spend 28% less time "fixing" problems  
*      55% of the Managers requiring certification when hiring people  
*      High-performing client management teams spend 12% less time "fixing" problems  
*      17% urgent external hiring is lowered  
*      Certification decreases downtime of 18%  
*      Certified teams are 28% more productive

Most of the IT responsibles are confused by the sheer numbers of certifications, what they stand for and how they realte to each other. Microsoft reacted on this by releasing this video (click the graphic to activate the link)
The IDC survey and study explains how the Team performance is increased by education and training measures and certifications. The IDC survey "Impact of Training: Functional Excellence Leads to Operational Productivity", IDC Dec 2008 is available at 

Many reasons to take trainings, get certified and improve performance. Ask for bundles (Training + Exam) with special offers.
Do you have Microsoft Software Assurance ?  

Are you aware to use Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack ?
The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of technologies available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers. MDOP helps to improve compatibility and management (App-V/MED-V), reduce support costs (DEM/DaRT), improve asset management (AIS) and improve policy control (AGPM).
Corresponding Microsoft Learning Course:

7197A: Managing Enterprise Desktops using the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

5 days Instructor-led Classroom training 
You can use your Microsoft Voucher in all Trainings!!! 
Special offer ‘Virtualization Challenge' 
From 1 October 2011 to 31 May 2012, System Solution offers with Microsoft a select number of free vouchers for the Microsoft Virtualization Certification Exam #70-659: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization to give to our IT Professional customers at no charge.
If you receive a voucher, take the exam and pass the exam, the student will earn the Microsoft Virtualization certification.

If you fail, this will provide a great opportunity for you to take the class with Course 10215A. In addition, we will provide a second FREE exam to give to those customers once they have completed the course to try again.

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