System Solutions announces it has becomes a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

As a certified Microsoft Small Business SpecialistSystem Solutions is an accredited Microsoft Partner with a proven professional competence in supporting small businesses within the scope of Microsoft IT Technology. Microsoft Corporation is a multinational group that develops, manufactures, distributes and supports a wide range of software products and solutions for businesses and individuals.

Why you should always choose a Microsoft Small Business Specialist?

Microsoft dominates the computer operating systems with its Windows and the office applications with its office suite, Microsoft Office. Apart from that, Microsoft offers operating systems for network servers, including Windows Small Business Server. Above all, the latter is the right software for your company’s network. It allows your staff sharing information, coordinating work and schedules, managing e-mails and safely storing company data. System Solutions specializes in setting up, configuring, upgrading, diagnosing, troubleshooting, maintaining, repairing and securing all Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Small Business Server.

To sum up, using a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist such as System Solutions, you may be sure that:

    * Your company’s software and hardware are in good hands, since we have been trained and licensed by Microsoft.
    * Your business will be served quickly, efficiently, accurately and by utilizing the latest and most appropriate Microsoft technology, which we have direct access to.
    * You have to do with the computer experts who are trained, qualified and committed to look after your company’s IT equipment 24/7.
    * You co-operate with the IT specialists who can tap into a wealth of Microsoft resources and solutions tailored for small and medium businesses.
    * You have chosen the professionals who have a considerable experience in building and managing business networks.

As certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists, we provide our services both on-site and off-site. The on-site option means that we will visit your premises to install, configure or fix your Microsoft operating system. However, since making a special visit to your company, is not always necessary, we offer also an off-site technical support by a 24/7 helpline or through a remote access to your operating system. The off-site option is a time and cost-saving solution to tackle almost all urgent and minor problems with operating systems or user’s applications.